"Self-love is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting"

-William Shakespeare

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

e shave Shave Cream Cucumber

This was a lovely shave cream. It left my skin silky smooth, and the cucumber scent was refreshing. The description for cucumber is that it cools and energizes, so this makes it a great summer product!
Retail: $13-$20
Rating: 5 lipsticks

Neutrogena Build-a-Tan

At first, I didn't think I liked this tanner-until I realized that the unevenness was from the last product I tried. This is a good self tanner for beginners or for advanced tanners who want to transition through the seasons...i.e. lightening up for fall, or revving up for summer. A gradual tan, just as advertised, and goes on smooth and even.
Retail: $9.09 On Sale!
Rating: 4 lipsticks

Friday, August 24, 2007

e shave Shave Cream Floral

This shave cream is for "normal to sensitive skin." It facilitated a close, smooth shave, and left my legs soft with no nicks or razor burn. The rose scent, however, is cloying.
Retail: $13-20
Rating: 2 lipsticks

Suave Professionals Humectant Shampoo

I don't know which I like better-the way this shampoo smells or performs. This shampoo left my hair clean, soft, healthy and hydrated. The smell? Coconut heaven!

Retail: $1.99

Rating: 5 lipsticks

Thursday, August 23, 2007

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shine Shock

This is a great product! Thicker than a traditional glossing serum, it adds shine and texture. Good if you like piecy hair.
Retail: $5.39 On Sale!
Rating: 5 lipsticks

Aveeno Positively Ageless Rejuvinating Serum

The sample I received was not large enough to judge the anti-aging properties of this product. However, it was a quickly absorbable, soothing and hydrating moisturizer. For that alone I approve!
Retail: $19.99
Rating: 4 lipsticks

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Came in the Mail: 8.21.07

A deluxe sample of Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer.
Thanks, doc!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Avon Skin So Soft Hair Removal Cream fresh & smooth

I have yet to find a depilatory that I actually like. This has all the hallmarks of a typical one-burning scent, slick dry skin, and the added bonus of streaking one's sunless tan. It does remove hair, but not uniformly. I'm sticking with a razor, with a bit of wax.
Retail: $8.00
Rating: 1 lipstick

Palmer's Shea Butter Formula Concentrated Cream

I'm so glad I discovered Palmer's! This cream is excellent for extra dry parts-elbows ankles, knees.It is a a thick hydrating cream without greasiness. I think I'll be using it a lot this winter!
Retail: $4.10
Rating: 5 lipsticks

Sunsilk Anti-Flat Shampoo

I don't hate this shampoo! I was just about to write off Sunsilk, but this shampoo did deliver bounce and body. For dryer hair, just make sure you use a good conditioner, and your hair will be Anti-Flat!
Retail: $3.37 On Sale!
Rating: 4 lipsticks

Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Leg Gel

This gel is used to soothe tired and achy legs and feet. It does a good job, it is cooling and refreshing. On hot days, I even used it on my arms.

However, it does have a high alcohol content, and so is drying to the skin. For my money, I would rather the cooling of the peppermint foot lotion. And before you ask, no, this is not appropriate to be used on a sunburn...unless you're into pain.
Retail: $12
Rating: 3 lipsticks

Sunday, August 19, 2007

L'occitane Radience Moisturizing Cream

I did not do well with this cream, but something tells me that less acne challenged girls might give it a go! I found it to be too heavy for my oily skin, at least during the summer. It is for a dry skin-no in betweens!

Retail: $36

Rating: 1 lipstick

Gillette Custom Plus Razor

This is by far the best disposable razor I've used. It gives a shave comparable to a "fancy" razor, and as long as you don't use the same razor for weeks on end (I always forget to replace my razor!), no nicks or cuts. You'll find it in the men's section, but who cares! It seems that I always do better with the men's razors anyway.

Retail: $7.49 On Sale!

Rating: 4 lipsticks

Pantene Pro-V Always Smooth Conditioner

I guess I could take it or leave it. This does smooth and defrizz, but I do notice a slight heaviness to it. Not as marked as some, though!

Retail: $5.19

Rating: 2 lipsticks

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil Original Moisturizing

Repeat after me: there is no such thing as a safe tan (unless it's sunless). So, disregard the instructions on the bottle: "to be used by those with a good tan." This has no sun protection at all!
Okay, now that we've gone over that, this oil does smell heavenly. That old fashioned coconutty tan beach smell. There is no reason why one can't use it as a moisturizing body oil-just use SPF when you are exposed to the sun.
Retail: $7.64 On Sale!
Rating: as a sun product- 0 lipsticks
as a body oil-4 lipsticks

Redken All Soft Conditioner

First, the good news. This conditioner does an excellent job of moisturizing the hair. Redken does a great job of delivering. Now, the bad news. I can't get past the smell. There is a vinegary hint to the fragrance. It reminds me of coloring Easter Eggs.
Retail: $15.35
Rating: 3 lipsticks

Prescriptives *magic Illuminating Liquid Potion Foundation Primer Translucent

Love it! This is a highlighter that makes the skin glow-but never shine or sparkle. It gives, if you will, a "candlelit glow." Skin perfection! You can use it over or under foundation. I like it on the temples, high on the cheekbones, and along the jawline. You can use it on the shoulders, the cleavage, anywhere you want to glow. A little goes a long way-my sample was .24 ounces, and I used it on all the aforementioned places-and it lasted almost two weeks!
Retail: $30
Rating: 5 lipsticks

JOEY New York Correct-A-Line for Face

Hmmm. Another JOEY product that I, um, do not love. The claim of this product is that it plumps up the skin, temporarily reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What I find it does is create a greasy surface for makeup to slide around on, and enhances the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pass.
Retail: $38
Rating: 0 lipsticks

Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Lotion

This is a good summer lotion-deeply hydrating, yet lightweight. The fragrance reminds me of lotion from my childhood. A winner!
Retail: $4.76 On Sale
Rating: 5 lipsticks

Jonathan Product Silky Dirt

If you've ever watched Blow Out, you know that Jonathan is crazy. But, he makes a damn fine styling product. Silky dirt is amazing! It is a "Shine and define creme" that actually texturizes and adds shine. And, if you're a crunchy girl (or lad) it's 100% vegan. I almost want to get cable so I can give his show another spin!
Retail: $28
Rating: 5 lipsticks

Cuccio Naturale Forte Horsetail Nail Stengthener

I picked up a Natural Nail Care Kit from Cuccio at a salon conference a while back. I am a big proponent of natural nail care. However, I find this strengthener too sticky and long drying to be of any practical use. Used as a base or a top coat, your whole manicure ends up smudged. In addition, when used alone, it tends to flake and peel. If the objective is to strengthen nails, peeling is not going to help!
Retail: $12.00
Rating: 0 lipsticks

Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Foundation

A very nice sheer foundation that does give a glow to the face! Non-greasy, natural looking and feeling!
Retail: $11.53
Rating: 3 lipsticks

Benefit Playstick

A great foundation!! This cream stick offers full coverage without being masklike or greasy. It covers blemishes incredibly well. So well, in fact, that upon removing my makeup at night, I am shocked at what is underneath it. It comes in a good range of tones, too!
Retail: $32
Rating: 5 lipsticks

Olay Regenerist Eye Derma-pod

Who came up with this? Individual "pods" for the eye. First, squeeze the pod to release the product. Then, dab it about the eye. Next, use the sponge applicator to massage the eye area.
Wrong! The actual product does not release evenly, and the sponge is waaay too abrasive to "massage" the delicate skin around the eye.
Back to the drawing board, boys!
Retail: $26.99
Rating: 0 lipsticks

JOEY New York Pure Pores Instant Blackhead Remover and Pore Minimizer Gel

JOEY New York products-I either love 'em or hate 'em. There is never an in between for me. This is not one that I love.
This product is meant to be applied in a thin layer over skin, and then after it dries, buffed off, revealing blackhead and pore free skin. In reality, I found that the gel actually caused more breakouts. I suspect it is because it dries the skin, and the dry skin clogs the pores. After using this religiously twice a week, as directed, I head skin that was redder and more pimple ridden. Not what I was looking for!
Retail: $25
Rating: 0 lipsticks

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Neutrogena Energizing Body Wash Fresh Citrus

I really wanted to like this body wash. Really, I did. I usually do rally well with Neutrogena products, but....eh. I found that the exfoliating particles were too fine, feeling like I had mixed sand into my body wash. Not quite the feeling I wanted. The smell is nice, but it left me feeling neither clean nor exfoliated.

Retail: $7.49 On Sale

Rating: 1 lipstick

Peter Thomas Roth Ultra Lite Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30

Another great product from PTR! This is an extremely lightweight sunscreen-you can use it in place of moisturizer under your makeup and have a smooth application. Great for acne prone types who know they should be using sunscreen.
Retail: $26
Rating: 5 lipsticks

What Came in the Mail: 8.15.07

Proactiv Solution 4 Piece Acne Treatment System, includes:

  • 4-oz renewing cleanser
    4-oz revitalizing toner
    2-oz repairing lotion
    Bonus 2.5 oz refining mask

Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum

It's hard to judge an anti-aging product from a small sample. The sample I received of this was enough for three or four applications. It went on smooth, hydrated the skin, and was a nice base for makeup. Anti-aging? Guess I'll have to pony up and get the full size to see if those claims are valid.
Rating: 3 lipsticks

Sunsilk De-Frizz Conditioner

Remember the matching shampoo? This works the same way-it de-frizzes by making one's hair lank, limp, and greasy. At that price, I prefer the frizz!
Retail: $3.39 On Sale!
Rating: 0 lipsticks

Monday, August 13, 2007

JOEY New York Egg Cream Cleanser

This is a really nice cleanser for oily skin. The exfoliating particles are very fine, and do a wonderful job of exfoliating. Skin is left feeling clean but not stripped. Skip it if you have dry skin, but oily girls should go for it!
Retail: $36
Rating: 4 lipsticks

What Came in the Mail: 8.13.07

eShave Mini Kit, containing:

  • Shave Creams (1/4 oz each): Cucumber, Almond, Floral, White Tea and Citrus
  • After Shave Creams (1/4 oz each): Cucumber, White Tea and Soother

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation

Okay, I was pretty skeptical of the mineral craze, so it took me a long time to try it. But, it's actually pretty good! It feels lightweight and does cover up all the nasties-redness, acne; yet still looks natural. There is a bit of a learning curve, tough. Use too much and it will get cakey. I highly recommend getting the starter kit and watching the DVD first.
Retail: Foundation only, $25; kit, $60
Rating: 3 lipsticks

Sally Hansen Smoothing Foot Scrub

Okay, I am obsessed with my manicure, but even more obsessed with my pedicure. This foot scrub really helps to smooth and soften the feet. The one thing that is hard to get used to is that it is to be used on dry skin, so no scrubbing in the shower! I've discovered that the best way is to keep a towel and a spray bottle handy, after scrubbing, just spray and wipe!
Retail: $7.49
Rating: 4 lipsticks

Body Coffee Invigorating Body Polish

This seemed like such a good idea! I love body scrubs, and I love coffee. But the reality is this-imagine taking a used coffee filter full of grounds, mix it with some kosher salt, and rub it all over your body. Scratchy and icky. I'll just drink my coffee in the morning, thanks!
Retail: $35.00
Rating: 0 lipsticks

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo

Another product from Redken that does what it claims to! This is a lightweight mositurizing shampoo for dry hair, and you know what? It really is! This did not make my hair feel goopy or weighed down, yet made it smooth and soft. Definitely another weapon against the frizz halo!
Retail: $10.00
Rating: 4 lipsticks

Clarins Energizing Hydra-Wear Express Body Lotion

This is a great lotion for summer. it gives a moderate amount of moisture, and feels cool and refreshing on the skin. I imagine it would feel great after a day in the sun. It's not what you want for intense, deep hydration, but for a cool, lightweight, quickly absorbing lotion, it's a winner!
Retail: $36.50
Rating: 4 lipsticks

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Some skincare professionals say that pore strips are bad for the skin. I love them. Blackheads really are the bane of my existance, and these really help clear them pores! If you have sensitive skin or a sunburn these aren't for you, put the rest of us can peel away!
Retail: $5.59-$7.99 On Sale!
Rating: 5 lipsticks

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream

Why don't we call this Dr. No? First, you need to understand that my skin is not sensitive to anything. I laugh in the face of glycolic peels. Now, about the cleansing cream:
First, it stung. My skin felt red, itchy and irritated.
Second, regular cleansing is not enough. You need to follow special steps: press and roll. do not rub or scrub. I don't trust products that cannot be used like all in its class.
Third, the almond meal which makes up the exfoliating particles did not rinse easily. I always ended up with some in my hair.
Finally, it left a greasy film on my skin after rinsing.

I suppose if you have very dry skin that is not irritated by any ingredients whatsoever, this is the product for you. Oh, and if that does apply to you? Ripley's Believe it or Not has something they'd like to discuss with you!

Retail: $24

Rating: 0 lipsticks

Weight Loss and Willpower

So, at the bottom of the page, you can now see my weight loss progress. Since my total commitment to losing weight, one week ago, I've lost 1.4 pounds.

I have learned that according to BMI standards, I am officially overweight. Granted, I only need to lose 2.4 more pounds to get back into the normal range, but still, it gives one pause.

I won a major battle with myself tonight. I had 880 calories left for the day, and I really wanted french fries, and a grinder. But, after thinking about how good it feels to see the numbers go down on the scale, I had a healthy dinner instead. I have 302 calories left for the day. Perhaps some (carefully measured) low-fat ice cream?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Electrician and the Makeup Artist Should be Friends

One of my favorite bloggers has an interesting post about hairdryers and electricity. Even if you don't know a lot about electricity, it helps to know how much power you are really using! Of course, we may be at cross purposes, because the higher wattage a dryer is, the faster your hair dryers, so the less exposure to damaging heat.

This of course, calls to mind an experience I had a few years back. One of the first things I learned on set is that before you plug anything in, you check with the Best Boy Electric. Because I work on low-budget films, I am often (okay, always) the makeup artist and the hairstylist. And, because I work on low-budgets, I don't get one of those cushy hair and makeup trailers you think of. I get a bedroom. Or a kitchen. Or a park bench. Or the bathroom (and whenever a well-meaning but clueless AD or PM tries to put me there, I desperately try to find a different spot. Imagine trying to do hair and makeup on talent and being interrupted every time a crew member has to 'go.' And remember that crew members drink A LOT of coffee.

Anyway, on this one film we were in a Brooklyn apartment for a week. It was September, but it was hot! Like a good girl, I would talk to Billy every day to find out what and where I could plug in. He appreciated that and knew that we were both professionals in a land of fools. One day, I knew I wouldn't need to plug in at all, and good thing too...Billy was having a hard time keeping all the lights on (and because this was a low-budget, he was also Gaffer and 1st AC). So, Billy very specifically asked me NOT to use a certain outlet. No problem. Until the AD came back to the makeup/holding area/craft service room. Remember, it was a hot September. He wanted to plug in a floor fan....in the forbidden outlet. I told him no, Billy said not to. We went back and forth, I insisting that the outlet was not to be used, he insisting that it would be okay. I thought the issue was settled. I turned my back. He plugged in. The circuit blew.

No, I was not blamed.

Ther point is, when using a lot of wattage on your hair, have a basic idea of how your electricity works. Even at home, there is only one circuit I use for my hairdryer-the other circuit in my room has too much going on.